Groschopp offers an extensive range of highly engineered motors.  For further information and sales of Groschopp products, please contact: Kieran Harford Telephone: 0400 830 039 Email:
The GGM range of products available from Kremford include: AC Motors including Induction Motors, Reversible Motors, Terminal Box Induction Motors, Terminal Box Reversible Motors, Brake Motors, Speed Control Motors (SU) Connector Type, Speed Control Motors (SP) Leadwire Type, Speed Control & Brake Motors, Open Type Motors & Special Motors. DC Motors including Standard Brush Motors & Special Motors. AC Input Type BLDC & DC Input Type BLDC. Parallel Shaft Gearhead, Right Angle Shaft Gearhead, Flat Type Gearhead, High Strength Gearhead & WORM Gearhead. AC Motor Driver Controllers, BLDC Motor Driver Controllers & Micro BLDC Motor Driver Controllers. K12, K16, K22, K30, K35, K42 and K52 Planetary Geared Motors. KA, KGA, KGB, KGB Brake, KGH, KGL, KGL2, KGQ, KGR, KGR5 & KMF Shaded Pole Induction Motors. KD, KGC, KGE, KGF, KGG, KGN, KGP, KGU, KGV, K26, KG5, KME, KWA, KWB & KWC Micro Brush Motors. K22, KGC, KGE, KWC, K35 & K42 Micro BLDC. Bracket, Extension & External options.

Kremford Pty Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of applications based motor

controllers for Australian industry 

An excellent example is the successful Hyperdrive product; an Integrated PLC based Programmable Stepper Motor Controller. Designed for medium power applications, the Hyperdrive is fully programmable using a simple programming language with over forty commands to set speed, acceleration, delays and movement profiles, with versatile input/output options available that can modify motor profile behaviour and provide external device control. A powerful and easy to apply stepper motor controller. To complement our reputation as a solutions company, Kremford Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for two of the top US electric motor manufacturers, Schneider Electric Motion and Groschopp Custom Electric Motors. Kremford Pty Ltd has the knowledge and resources to assist you with unusual motor applications and help bring your vision to life and your inventions to market. Our background and experience in the design and manufacture of specialist electronics and associated software to customer specifications and requirements means we can help you with the design, specification and implementation for your specific machine. Not only all that, but we can also offer marketing and distribution advice, even becoming your distributor in some cases.

Helping bring ideas to reality...

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Sales Contact: Kieran Harford Telephone: 0400 830 039 Email:
Support Contact: Ron Kreymborg Telephone: 0410 448 864 Email:
Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc. by Schneider Electric Integrated Stepping Motor Groschopp GGM Olympus Controls

Olympus Controls is an

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Gearmotor Gearbox and Speed Reducer Motor Gearbox and Speed Reducer Gearmotor Motor Gearmotor Gearmotor Gearbox and Speed Reducer Motor Motor Motor Gearbox and Speed Reducer Gearbox and Speed Reducer Gearmotor Gearbox and Speed Reducer
The Schneider Electric Motion range of products available from Kremford include: The new Lexium motors in a range of standard Nema sizes with control inputs ranging from step/direction, Ethernet, CANopen, Modbus and Profinet, all with the option to include Programmable Motion Control. These motors provide servo motor capabilities with stepper motor versatility. The established MDrive Plus Integrated Motion motors include compact and powerful Linear Actuators with an extensive range of screw lengths, and a range of Rotary motors with integrated electronics and optional Encoders. The MDrive Hybrid Rotary motors come with integrated electronics offering the benefit of both stepper motor and servo motor technologies, and higher torque output than conventional stepper motors. In addition to motors, the Schneider range includes Microstepping Panel Mounted Drivers providing high performance in a compact package, and Discrete PCB mounted Drivers offering high performance in an ultra-miniature package.  
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