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About Us

Kremford Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Melbourne with a strong

background in Electronic Engineering, Design, Computer Science and Sales

and Marketing.

This background gives us an outstanding capability for concept analysis, collaborative design and product manufacture and product placement. Specialising in ultra-reliable firmware and hardware, Kremford can provide whole product development, or assist in specification and manufacture of hardware and software to customer specification. Many years experience Detailed product specifications Continuous close client collaboration during product development

Kremford Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for two of the top US electric motor

manufacturers, Schneider Electric Motion and Groschopp Custom Electric Motors.

We offer a range of specialist and standard stepper motors and motor controllers off the shelf. Contact us with an idea and we will guide you through the choice of motor and controller. In particular, we can take your unusual motor application and help bring it to life. So you have no experience with stepper motors and their controllers? That's ok - we can help with documentation and really helpful advice. Perhaps the application is so different or unusual that it requires control electronics not available off the shelf. That's ok too. We have wide experience in the design and manufacture of specialist electronics and associated software to our customer's specifications. Worried about Intellectual Property (IP) rights? Don't be. Most of our custom designs are covered by IP agreements. And once the project is signed off to your satisfaction, all design, software and manufacturing documentation becomes your sole property. Maybe you are not sure how to market this new machine. We have experience in this field and can offer marketing and distribution advice. In some cases we can become your distributor, offering access to world markets. Contact us: KREMFORD PTY LTD 6a Erith Lane Kalorama, 3766 Victoria, Australia Main Telephone: 03 9017 0473 Sales Contact: Support Contact: Kieran Harford Ron Kreymborg Telephone: 0400 830 039 Telephone: 0410 448 864 Email: sales@kremford.com.au Email: support@kremford.com.au
Circuit MDrive 17 Plus
Microdrive Actuator
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Circuit Controller and Motor
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