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Kremford Hyperdrive Programmable Stepper Motor Controller

The Hyperdrive stepper motor controller is fully programmable with an extensive programming language to set speed, acceleration, number of steps, delay times, input / output control, and a comprehensive set of motor controls to provide powerful, yet simple, motor control. Full programming and control is provided over an industry standard RS485 serial interface at either 9600 or 57600 baud. The Hyperdrive can be programmed remotely from a PC or PLC, or the program can be saved in non-volatile storage. The program can be automatically run on power up. The Hyperdrive has two control modes: a step mode and a speed mode. A step profile consists of an acceleration phase, a constant speed phase, and a deceleration phase, where the entire motor move profile is constrained to take a specified and exact number of steps. On the other hand, a speed profile consists of an acceleration phase and a constant speed phase, where the speed may be varied in any size increments. Four isolated input lines and two isolated output lines allow the program to monitor and respond to external events that can control the motor actions.


The following documents provide further details about how the Hyperdrive can be: Connected to various types of stepping motors. Interfaced to a variety of external switches and sensors. Operated interactively from a terminal program. Operated by a remote program in a PC or PLC. Operated autonomously by an internal program of up to 100 lines. Operated in a network of up to nine other Hyperdrives. Download a four page Technical Description Download the 91 page User Manual

Programming Examples:

There are many examples of programming language and how it can be used in the User Manual. Click here to see some examples of the language in use. 

Firmware Upgrades:

The Hyperdrive firmware is constantly being reviewed as a result of new applications. The internal firmware is field upgradeable. You can check your firmware version here. For Hyperdrive sales queries, please contact: For Hyperdrive support queries, please contact: Kieran Harford Ron Kreymborg Telephone: 0400 830 039 Telephone: 0410 448 864 Email: Email:
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Hyperdrive-3 Integrated PLC Based Programmable Stepper Motor Controller KF086B
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