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Kremford Ready To Use Stepper Motor Hobby Kit

The Kremford Ready To Use Stepper Motor Hobby Kit has all parts pre-connected and ready to use. The Hyperdrive is pre-loaded with a simple program that will cycle the motor in both directions. Just a few steps will get you going: Connect the USB lead to your PC or laptop Install a terminal program such as TeraTerm and connect it to the USB port at          9600 baud Plug the power supply into your 240V household power. When you see the Hyperdrive sign-on message, just type GO. You can download sample programs from the CD or use your own easy to write programs. Full instructions are in the Hyperdrive User Manual.

The Kit Includes:

A Hyperdrive with built-in stepper motor driver, controller and PLC. A USB interface cable to connect the Hyperdrive to your computer. A powerful stepping motor, 3.6Amp, 1.2 NM holding torque. A 24 volt 3.4 amp power supply. Sample programs. Kremford can assist with custom programs on request. Comprehensive instructions, wiring diagrams and manual on CD.

Hyperdrive Specifications:

The controller is the Hyperdrive-3, which is not only a stepper motor driver, but also a programmable logic controller. Full specifications and documentation are available elsewhere on this site.

The Motor Specifications:

The Power Supply Specifications:

The supplied power is a MeanWell HLG-80H-24 IP67 rated at 82W, 24V. The supply is fully enclosed and rated to IP67 and comes fitted with a standard Australian 1.8 m power cord. Cooling is by convection and the circuitry is fully potted. The IP67 rating is suitable for outdoor use. The DC output includes a 300 mm dual core cable. Features: Universal AC input / Full range (up to 305 VAC). Built-in active PFC function. Protections: Short circuit / Over current / Over voltage / Over temperature Cooling by free air convection. IP67 design for indoor or outdoor installations. Class 2 power unit. Suitable for dry, damp or wet locations. 5 years warranty (subject to warranty statement). Specifications:    Output voltage 24 VDC    Output current 0 to 3.4 A    Constant current region 14.4 to 24 VDC    Input voltage 90 to 305 VAC or 127 to 431 VDC    Typical efficiency 90.5%    MTBF 357.8 Khours min    Dimensions 195.6 x 61.5 x 38.8 (plus cables)


Hyperdrive: $445.00 *  Interface cable to connect to the computer: $ 27.00 * Stepping Motor: $119.00 *  24 volt 3.4 amp Power Supply with Australian Wall Plug: $190.00 *  Total Stepper Motor Hobby Kit: $781.00 *  
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