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Hyperdrive-3 Firmware Upgrades

The Hyperdrive3 firmware is field upgradeable. Units are shipped with the Windows program Hyper3Update that manages an upgrade included on the distribution CD. Full instructions on how to carry out a field upgrade are included in the Hyperdrive User Manual. This page publishes upgrades to the firmware as they become available. An upgrade occurs when new features are added including new programming instructions, capabilities, and/or bug fixes. The Hyperdrive3 revision numbering system follows industry practice where a change in the first number implies a major upgrade, a change in the second number implies a minor upgrade, and changes in the third number are for bug fixes.

Firmware Upgrades

Kremford Pty Ltd - Custom Motor and Controller Application Design
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There was a bug with recognising the new network commands NetOpen, NetClose and ClrAddr. The shorter names HO, HC and HX were OK.
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