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Liberty Drive - Liberty MDrive

https://novantaims.com/all-products/mdrive-intelligent-motors/liberty-mdrive/ Robust rotary stepper motor integrated with drive, controller and encoder form a single, compact unit that is quick to install and easy to use. Integrated components vary with product version and options selected.

MDrive Linear Actuators

https://novantaims.com/all-products/mdrive-intelligent-motors/liberty-mdrive-linear-actuator-products/ All-in-one linear motion systems combine leading integrated motor technology with linear motion to deliver high accuracy, unsurpassed repeatability and long life.

Stepping Motors

https://novantaims.com/all-products/ We offer 1.8º enhanced hybrid stepper motors with higher torque output than conventional hybrid stepper motors. Motor size, stack length, single or double shaft, encoder and planetary gearbox are all selectable to choose the best motor configuration for your motion application.


http://sydney.edu.au/engineering/civil/publications/2012/r927.pdf ‘Experimental Investigations Into Interactive Buckling Of Ultra-Light Gauge Steel Storage Rack Uprights’ Research Report R927, October 2012, School of Civil Engineering, The University Of Sydney. Hyperdrive-3 used during one of the tests. Refer page 15 of report further detail.
Schneider Electric Motion MDrive Linear Actuator Schneider Electric Motion Stepping Motor With Encoder Kremford Hyperdrive

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