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Kremford Hyperdrive-3 Programmable

Stepper Motor Controller

Hyperdrive-3 Firmware Upgrades

The Hyperdrive-3 firmware is field upgradeable. Units are shipped with the Windows program Hyper3Update that manages an upgrade included on the distribution CD. Full instructions on how to carry out a field upgrade are included in the Hyperdrive-3 User Manual. This page publishes upgrades to the firmware as they become available. An upgrade occurs when new features are added including new programming instructions, capabilities, and/or bug fixes. The Hyperdrive-3 revision numbering system follows industry practice where a change in the first number implies a major upgrade, a change in the second number implies a minor upgrade, and changes in the third number are for bug fixes.

Firmware Upgrades

Kremford Pty Ltd - Custom Motor and Controller Application Design
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There was a bug with recognising the new network commands NetOpen, NetClose and ClrAddr. The shorter names HO, HC and HX were OK.
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